Rich as the Night celebrates our abundance of love, strength, and inner-wealth. When we realize and accept the amount of resources we have within us, we will not be reliant on false servitude. We will believe IN ourselves because our strength is IN ourselves. We don't lack resources we have Me-sources. We are adaptable. We are strong. Our story is deep, wide, and long. Length times width times height: we have volume. We are in 3-D. Tangible. We shine within with as many jewels as there are stars lighting our skies. We have love, within. We are strong, within. We need not go without. For We are Rich as the Night.

Clayton Singleton Summer Series

AFRO BLUE Volume 3:

Rich as the Night



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The last installment of Future Love Paradise will be held at The Neil Britton Gallery on the campus of Virginia Wesleyan University during the month of November. It's quite fitting that VWU serves as the final platform for discourse as it was on this campus twenty-seven years ago that I first heard the song Future Love Paradise. 

Rich as the Night, Acrylic on Canvas, 12" x 16, 2018

Future Love Paradise Tour 2018

Brothers, Acrylic on Canvas, 60" x 40", 2017